Be best friend for your skin… the great secrets of skin care

Face wrinkles and signs of aging … Practical advice for younger looking skin

Skin care is not a luxury, as it shows signs of aging and health, so maintaining proper hydration – especially in hot, dry and dusty climates – may require taking into account some steps that women neglect.

The skin that is exposed daily to a harmful environment needs more care, and in addition to proper moisturizing, care must be taken to maintain the skin.

In the absence of regular skin care, it is not possible to obtain positive results, no matter how expensive the products used for that.

Here are some tips that will help make your steps to care for your skin and eye beauty more effective.

1.  Sufficient amount of water:

The famous advice that a person needs to drink two litres of water a day is no longer important.

Experts say that the amount of liquids a woman drinks depends on her lifestyle, for example a woman who exercises intensively or lives in a hot climate needs more than two litres of water.

You should drink water when needed, and in case you are one of the people who do not prefer drinking plain water, there are many ways that may motivate you to do so, such as drinking herbal tea or adding lemon to water or some fruits, and once you start drinking water, your skin will appear brighter and fresh.

2.  Moisturizing Cream:

In order to moisturize the skin properly, first of all you must know your skin type.

Dermatologists have classified the skin types into four: dry, mixed, normal and oily. Based on this, you must know the type of skin in order to choose the appropriate moisturizing cream.

Choosing the wrong moisturizing cream may lead to disappointing results, so it is recommended to do the necessary tests to know the quality of the skin and make a diagnosis at a specialist doctor, to get confirmed results.

3. Sunscreen:

Should not be satisfied with the use of any type of high protection sunscreen, but it must be appropriate to the type of your skin, and sunblock must be used at all times of the year and not only in the summer.

And to ensure complete protection of the skin from the harmful consequences of the sun’s rays, a sunscreen with a protection degree of no less than 50 must be used, and of course during the summer this issue must be given more consideration.

4. Mistakes of Removing Makeup:

Some types of makeup removers may be very harsh on the skin, so it is important that the make-up remover does not contain alcohol. It is recommended to use one of your favorite oils or skin cleansing milk products, knowing that these materials are able to clean the skin and remove makeup well without damaging the skin.

Sleeping without removing makeup negatively affects the skin, and in the long term it not only leads to dry skin, but also to the appearance of acne, black spots and premature wrinkles.

5. Natural masks:

Doctors recommend using a mask to moisturize the skin at least once every two weeks. These masks can be purchased or prepared at home.

Masks that are prepared at home are better, because they are natural and you will be sure of their ingredients, and while doing this it is necessary to take into account the quality of the skin, for example a mud mask may cause great damage to dry skin.

6. Moisturizing the skin:

Often times some females make the same mistakes as a result of lack of time, such as sleeping without removing makeup, not drinking enough water, not using a moisturizer for the skin, and neglecting to use sunscreen.

All this negatively affects the moisture balance in the skin, and with age the effects of fatigue and signs of aging appear early, so it is necessary to take care of the skin from an early age, and to make the aforementioned tips a daily routine.

For teenage girls: Skin care tips

 The girls in their teens should taking care of their skin according to its nature, as dry skin needs creams rich in fats, while oily skin needs moisturizing creams.

‫ Usually it is sufficient to wash the face with water, with the possibility of using a gentle washing gel once a day, and taking into account that its foam is not alkaline like soap, so as not to damage the natural protection layer.

Make-up should also be removed well, note that water a little warm, the skin loses more oil than cold water.

In the case of the suffering of the skin of impurities such as blisters, black heads and the like, it is to consult a dermatologist should then take care to determine the appropriate way, which vary from one girl to another depending on the degree of impurities in her skin.

Helpful tips to clean dry skin:

The skin loses its freshness when washing, which is difficult to restore by using ointments again, so it is recommended to use soap and water in moderation.

The number of times you wash your skin daily depends on its type and the nature of the physical activities a woman undertakes.

Mostly oily skin can be cleaned with soap and water ideally, and for dry skin it is better to use water to a lesser degree.

When taking a shower, it is sufficient to clean the thickened areas – such as the armpits and genital area – with a mild soap, while other parts of the body can be cleaned with lukewarm water.

Also, frequent washing of dry skin with water damages the natural protective layer and makes the skin cracked, and the soap works to increase this harmful effect.

This is how to stay young … the main cosmetic secret in your daily routine

Internal and external moisturizing:

For the skin to appear younger, it is necessary to moisturize it using cosmetics rich in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and that the diet includes water, a lot of vegetables and fruits, especially the red color, because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as exercise.

The importance of using a sunblock with a high degree of protection throughout the year to prevent the skin from skin diseases, with the necessity of medical dermatological examination to conduct annual monitoring operations.

Also, daily cleaning of the skin and under eye skin is an essential step to take care of its health and freshness, by using products that adapt to its properties, whether gels, soaps or cleansing milk, with the need to clean at least twice a day.

An integrated care approach:

A balanced and healthy diet rich in vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and minerals helps skin cell regeneration. The stress, which is usually responsible for the general condition of the skin, should be controlled, and regular exercise should be taken to enhance blood circulation in the micro vascular system. In addition to using cosmetics that suit the type of skin and the needs of each season.

Another way to preserve youthful skin is to undergo a combination of lasers and peels. It is the most effective way to eliminate spots, regardless of their hormonal nature, the effects of aging or those caused by acne.

How to protect your skin from impurities and winter?

To fight skin impurities, we advise women to get enough sleep at night, ranging between eight and ten hours, and eat foods rich in zinc, such as fish, nuts and healthy fats.

Stress can be eliminated through exercise and relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.

For sure the skin needs special care in winter, because with lower temperatures, lipid production decreases, and then the skin’s protective lipid layer is increasingly receding; the result is then dry skin and the appearance of scales.

To avoid this, we recommends taking care of the skin with lipid-rich care products and moisturizing factors and the best one we recommend is eye cream for 20s , which protect the skin from dryness and environmental influences such as cold, and this applies especially to dry skin.

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