4 Ways to Ease Your Back Pain While You are at Work

According to research, an average American spends about 12 hours a day sitting down, with maximum hours being spent at work. Sitting for long hours is connected to many health issues, including a greater risk of illness like heart diseases and diabetes.

It also causes back and neck pain. While most of us cannot avoid working and sitting at a desk, there are ways to ease the pain while you are at work along with some back pain relief treatment in New York

  • Transform your Desk Setup – Researches show that standing at work can go a long way towards combatting neck and back pain. About 54% of back and neck pain reduces for workers that switch to a standing desk. There are devices that can change your current desk into a sit-stand version, allowing you to stand for some part of the day and sit whenever you need a break.
  • Use an Ergonomic Chair – If you are going to sit long hours at work, it is crucial to consider swapping out your regular chair for one that is ergonomically corre Ergonomic chairs are set at an angle that forces you to sit straight up, preventing slouching or leaning forward which might cause back pain.
  • Don’t Sit Constantly–Getting up from your desk and walking every 45 minutes can help you avoid muscle strain. This can reduce the stress placed on particular muscle groups and enhance blood flow to areas that need it.
  • Stretch Out–Simple stretches can help with minimizing pain and stiffness that may arise from inactivity. For instance, bending down to touch your toes stretches your hamstrings, which lowers the stress on your lower back. Moving your head from side to side and up and down can help reduce the pain.

Comprehensive Back Pain Relief Treatment in New York

Minor changes in your daily routine can go a long way towards reducing pain. However, if you are not experiencing relief, it is important to seek medical condition immediately. The physical therapists at New York Spine and Sports Rehabilitation will work with you to determine the best plan for your symptoms and help you live an active life again.

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